Advisory Board

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Raf van Bulck
Deputy Advisor
Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)

Raf is deputy advisor at the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB). At the moment he is working on digital public policy and promoting the digitisation of Belgian Businesses and government. He organises the e-Invoicing Business Expert Group. Raf has an educational background in economics and is interested in new technologies, the opportunities they offer and their impact on society.

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Serge Libert
Project Manager
BOSA -DG Digital Transformation

Serge Libert is eGOV Project Manager at Federal Public Service BOSA (policy and support), DG “Digital Transformation“ (DT, formerly FedICT) since 2003. In the past he worked for various companies of the ICT, The telecom and the banking sector. 
Since 2013, DT is working together with ASA-DAV and other public and private entities to the generalization of e-Invoicing in Belgium.
Serge is managing this project on behalf of DT.


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Bart Meert
Business Group Leader Digital Industries

Bart is since 2006 active at Agoria as Business Group Leader for Digital Industries. Before joining Agoria, Bart was an expert on ICT in Logistics at the Flanders Institute for Logistics, consultant for a management consulting firm, ran an internet startup company for 10 Belgian retail companies, worked as an (e-business) strategy consultant for Ernst & Young Consulting and worked for five years at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in the domain of Management and Information Systems (MIS). He has an educational background in Economics, Business Information & Service Management and Supply Chain Management. He is particularly interested in new trends in ICT and their possible applications in a business & government context, business process reengineering, e-business, Cloud Computing, ICT strategy and business alignment.

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