Press release 28 oktober 2019

Proactis awarded PEPPOL Access Point certification

Proactis, the global business spend management and B2B eCommerce company, is a certified PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) network, reinforcing the company’s commitment to worldwide interoperability and costs reduction.

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Press release 14 oktober 2019

Purchase invoice process optimization

More and more manual tasks are being automated with the use of software robots. A robotic software solution combined with the use of Artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies like Optical Character Recognition is true intellect demonstrated by machines. This convergence of technologies is called Intelligent Process Automation.

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Press release 08 oktober 2019

Terumo & EDICOM: E-Invoicing and EDI in healthcare, a practical Business case

Mandatory e-Invoicing and EDI requirements are gradually spreading across the globe and have also reached the European healthcare sector. For a few years now, the EU directive on e-Invoicing (2014/55/EU) is in place, forcing public institutions to process e-Invoices in a harmonized way. Although the directive paves the way for more harmonisation in the field of e-invoicing there are still many differences in the way countries implement these European rules, posing challenges to companies that deal with the public sector in various European countries.

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Press release 12 september 2019

How to Meet Mandatory E-invoicing and National Legal Requirements Efficiently: Agfa-Gevaert and Comarch Team up

With governments around the world revising tax systems and preparing to implement new e-Invoicing solutions, Agfa-Gevaert, a multinational corporation that offers an extensive range of imaging systems, workflow and IT solutions for the printing industry, the healthcare sector and hi-tech industries providing printed electronics and renewable energy solutions, has opted to take advantage of the services of global service provider Comarch. This move provides the company with professional support in global sending and archiving of e-invoices. 

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Conference news 17 juli 2019

Your chairwoman Francesca Vanthielen

On Thurday november 7th, Heliview will organise the first E-Invoicing Summit in Belgium. As the conference is getting closer, we would like to introduce you to the chairwomen of this first edition. The conference will take place at the FPS Policy and Support, Brussels. Heliview is proud to announce Francesca Vanthielen as your chairwoman of the day.

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Press release 25 juni 2019

DG Digital Transformation Boosts E-Invoicing

The European Commission wants to see e-invoicing to become the predominant method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe. The Belgian government endorses this objective and strives for the generalisation of e-invoicing.

Electronic invoicing is fast, efficient and sustainable and an important building block for further digitisation. The DG Digital Transformation (FPS Policy and Support) plays an important role in promoting and supporting e-invoicing as a part of this transformation.

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Press release 18 april 2019

An important day for companies that make use of E-invoicing

Today is an important day for companies that make use of E-invoicing or deliver products and services related to this. That is not only because the European directive 2014/55 on electronic invoicing for public procurement comes into force today. On this important day for the E-invoice, Heliview Conferences & Training (the organization behind the annual Dutch E-Invoice Summit) announces that it is organizing a Belgian version of this successful format in Brussels on 7 November 2019. This conference will focus on Belgian entrepreneurs and financial managers who want to get started with e-invoicing.

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Press release 05 februari 2019

Press release: Heliview is expanding its business!

In 2019 Heliview Conference & Training, will be organising 6 Summits in Belgium. All Summits will be organised centrally located in Brussels. The Summits will focus on various topics like IT Software & Asset Management, Cyber Security, Data Driven Business, API Management, Digital Identity & E-Invoicing. Heliview has extensive experience in organising conferences, especially for the Dutch market. In 2016 the first Belgian event was organised.

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