DG Digital Transformation Boosts E-Invoicing

The European Commission wants to see e-invoicing to become the predominant method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe. The Belgian government endorses this objective and strives for the generalisation of e-invoicing.

Electronic invoicing is fast, efficient and sustainable and an important building block for further digitisation. The DG Digital Transformation (FPS Policy and Support) plays an important role in promoting and supporting e-invoicing as a part of this transformation.

That is why the DG Digital Transformation will open its doors on Thursday 7 November for the "E-Invoicing Summit 2019", the first e-invoicing conference in Belgium. This is the opportunity to highlight the generalisation of e-invoicing in Belgium.

Heliview, the organizer of the conference, will bring suppliers and service providers into contact with end users on this day. Expect interesting keynotes and use cases, as well as interactive break-out sessions. An ideal opportunity to share knowledge and make interesting contacts.

Serge Libert, Project Manager at DG Digital Transformation: "Welcoming the first Belgian e-invoicing conference is a concrete measure of the FPS Policy and Support to promote e-invoicing in Belgium. The FPS BOSA takes many other measures, the best-known of which is Mercurius. This "electronic mailroom" receives the invoices, and other electronic documents in the purchase cycle, that are addressed to all Belgian public authorities. These measures facilitate the implementation of the European Directive 2014/55/EU, which obliges the authorities to use electronic invoicing since April 2019".

Ruben van Herpen, Conference Producer at Heliview: “In 2007 the first edition of this conference was organised in Holland. This year the 12th edition took place with near 300 visiting end-users and over 25 business partners. The Dutch Invoicing Summit has become an established name in the world of finance. The organisation partnered up with Belgian stakeholders such as DG Digital Transformation in organising the Belgian E-invoicing Summit 2019 to help the adoption of E-invoicing in Belgium as well”.

The conference is free of charge to professional end-users who are open to have personal conversations with different suppliers.


Source: dt.bosa.be