Conference opening

Director general a.i. Digital Transformation at Federal Public Service, Ben Smeets will open the conference with a short introduction regarding e-invoicing and the future of financial management. After which your chairwomen Francesca Vanthielen will take over and guide the conference.


E-Invoicing: from a boring obligation to an exciting, disruptive innovation

e-invoicing has been around for decades. Yet, despite its compelling business case, its take-up keeps suffering from delays, and its reputation is not at its best. However, e-invoicing is the most promising application of a fundamental paradigm shift in the IT world, driving us towards the frictionless integration that will underlie the upcoming web 3.0. Serge is going to introduce us to this vision of the future, what our governments are doing to help it take up, how the IT industry will make it happen, … and what you could and should do to support it.


E-Invoicing, one of the building blocks in the digital transformation of your company

Companies that apply digitisation cleverly, have many opportunities to work more efficiently and create added value for the customer, thus strengthening their competitive position. Digital technologies can also enable new applications and business models. But it is not an easy task to map out your digital transformation journey. This talk brings structure to the abundance of possibilities, highlights different possible paths and discusses the role that e-invoicing can play. 

“100% e-Invoicing” both inbound and outbound: it can be done. And there are plenty of good reasons to aim for it

In 2011 MSC Belgium decided to revamp all invoicing processes to tackle the growing paper mountain. We chose UBL as the internal pivotal format. 100% of our customer invoices are now available in XML format (PDF and paper are available on request). And all paper and PDF supplier invoices are ‘enriched’ into UBL invoices before they enter our financial systems. This was a very ambitious program, definitely not for everyone, but the design principles and the benefits, both practical and strategic, will inspire every midsize to large company.

Break-out session

Boost your procurement. The digital innovation journey at the Federal government

Overview of the digital innovation initiatives at the Federal government; from implementing a backend ERP system, to sending out electronic purchase orders and automatically process incoming e invoices (“touchless invoice”)

Break-out session

The E-invoicing journey 2019-2025

The global market is forecast to encompass 550 billion invoices annually. It is expected to quadruple in size by 2035. In 2019, only around 55 billion invoices are exchanged on a paperless basis. Industry experts estimate that the size of the global e-invoicing and enablement market in 2019 amounts to EUR 4.3 billion, and that it will reach approximately EUR 18 billion in 2025.

A powerful market transition is taking place in our industry. This period of movement from one stage to another creates new opportunities for innovative and forward-thinking companies, which are ready to take advantage of this shift.

More coming soon...