2019: Prepare for the future of E-invoicing and Financial Management

Invoices are of all times and form the basis of Financial management. Invoice automation and E-Invoicing also have a long and rich history. Yet this world has been moving strongly in recent years. Whereas in the early years it was primarily a drive for efficiency that was reserved for large companies, E-Invoicing is well on its way to conquering Europe. Not least thanks to the stimulation of the European Central Government and the measures taken by local and federal authorities. For example from April 18th 2019 the Directive 2014/55/EU dictates that all private companies, which must invoice the public administration of the region, must do this via an electronic invoice.

During this first edition themes such as Adoption, Onboarding stakeholders and the Belgian PEPPOL Authority had a key role. In addition, it was mainly possible to learn from the practical experiences of different organizations and there was plenty of discussion in the interactive session and in targeted one-to-one meetings.

With chairwoman Francesca Vanthielen and nearly 20 speakers with inspiring stories, interactive sessions and practical cases, we've created a beautiful day for a full house at FPS BOSA DG Digital Transformation!

Thank you to all participants, speakers and partners for your participation! Off to the E-Invoicing Summit 2020!

Missed the previous edition? No worries! 29 October, 2020, the next edition of the E-Invoicing Summit is planned. The conference is a must for managers and senior specialists who want to stay informed of current trends and developments in the field of e-invoicing, procurement and financial management.

Sprekers 2019 (Overzicht)

The (Dutch) Invoice Conference 2020
The next conference that Heliview Conferences & Training organizes for the field of e-invoicing, procurement and financial management is The Invoice Conference 2020’. The conference will take place on Thursday, 2 April 2020 in the NBC Conference Centre in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

View the impression of the E-Invoicing Summit 2019 below.